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Bologna - Italy. 29-30 November 2012

AGENDA: WATER CoRe Final Conference

European Conference, Political Platform, Steering Committee - Presidium Meeting

Bologna - Italy. 29-30 November 2012

WATER CoRe Closing Conference

As WATER CoRe project comes to an end - April 2013-, its project partners gathered to assess the achieved results as well as to reflect on the political recommendations that the project will address regarding water scarcity and drought situations.
The closing conference of the INTERREG IV-C project WATER CoRe - Water scarcity and droughts; coordinated actions in European regions was held in Bologna (Italy) at the prestigious Palazzo Re Enzo during 29-30 November 2012.

Karlsruhe - Germany. November 21-22, 2012

WATER CoRe takes part at the Integrated Water Ressource Management (IWRM) Conference, Karlsruhe 2012

After the successful premiere of IWRM Karlsruhe 2010, a second edition of IWRM Conference is held at the Karlsruhe Convention Centre during 21- 22 November 2012.

Aragon - Spain. September 27-28, 2012

Aragon experiences in drought management aroused the interest of a French delegation

The French delegation interests focused on the water management activities carried out by the Aragon Water Institute and the Aragon Regional Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock and Environment. These activities include a wide range of actions covering from water demand management to raise of awareness campaigns or public participation.
The mission took place in the framework of the European project WATER CoRe, in which 14 bodies from 7 European regions take part.

Covasna - Romania. June 12-14, 2012

Covasna gathers its Regional opening, training sessions, thematic workshops, study visits and Presidium meeting

Over 70 experts gathered in the Romanian region of Covasna during 12-14 June with the aim to share experiences on water management as well as water scarcity and drought situations. The event was considered by the European Commission as a satellite event of the Green Week due to the quality of its content and its direct link to Green Week’s this year theme “Every drop counts”. Moreover, the Covasna event was held in the framework of the WATER CoRe project within INTERREG IV C.

Brussels - Belgium. May 22-25, 2012

WATER CoRe at Green Week

The 12th edition of Green Week, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, will take place from 22 to 25 May 2012 in Brussels. As this year's theme is "Water", WATER CoRe considers the event as an ideal scenario to disseminate the project’s achievements in water scarcity and drought management.

North-Brabant - The Netherlands. March 28-30, 2012

Study Visit and Presidium meeting in North-Brabant, the Netherlands

The latest WATER CoRe meeting took place in s`Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands) on 28-30 March 2012. The meeting consisted of some study visits and meetings as well as a Presidium meeting. The visits dealt with the good practices that the province North-Brabant has developed and that have been included in the WATER CoRe Good Practices Handbook. The projects presented are related to water scarcity, water conservation, treatment of brackish groundwater, restoration of brook systems and sustainable water use.

This project is cofinanced by the ERDF and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme


The Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVC, financed by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund, helps Regions of Europe work together to share experience and good practice in the areas of innovation, the knowledge economy, the environment and risk prevention. EUR 302 million is available for project funding but, more than that, a wealth of knowledge and potential solutions are also on hand for regional policy-makers.